Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week Two Wrap Up

For those on the team, sorry - this is the email I just sent (with a couple of updated numbers since I missed one person's log while I was writing the email...sorry Steph!)

Once again, you guys have been rockstars with logging miles this week! Here are some highlights from the past week: 
  • In the last 7 days, we've logged 245 running miles, 319 biking miles, and 12 swimming miles - WOW! 
  • Sunday was our best running day with 70 miles logged. Monday was our best biking and swimming day, with 87 and 4 miles logged, respectively. 

  • The heavy hitters for the week are: 
    • For running: 
      • Stephanie Glick with 42 miles
      • Katie Carbiener with 29 miles
      • Laura Martel with 28 miles
      • Kat Rainville with 24 miles
      • Devon Unkeless with 16 miles
    • For biking: 
      • Devon Unkeless with 63 miles
      • Mark Niebur with 50 miles
      • Stephanie Glick with 36 miles
      • Laura Martel with 20 miles
      • Katherine Allen with 20 miles

  • For swimming: 
    • Devon Unkeless with 5 miles
    • Melissa Nolte with 2 miles
    • Mark Niebur with 2 miles
    • Christy Schlottman with 1 mile
    • Emily Merola with 1 mile 

Nice work!!!! 

We had a total of 23 people log miles this week - that means 10 of you aren't getting credit for your hard work!! Make sure you're logging all the miles you put in! 

Also, a few FAQs came up this week: 

  • Yes, walking, hiking, and treadmill workouts count! 
  • Likewise, Spin also counts! If you don't have a mileage counter on your bike, assume 15 miles per hour of class time. 
  • The competition is between US schools, but literally anyone can join - even if they're not from the US! If you've got friends/family/coworkers/vague acquaintances that you think would make a good addition to the team, peer pressure them into it! 
  • A whole lot of people are having login issues. Some solutions have been: 
    • Using Firefox instead of Chrome
    • Making sure to use the Main Login link on the left, instead of the Sign In button on the top right. 
    • Changing your username so it's an actual username and not a bunch of numbers
    • Use facebook or twitter to log in

And finally, we're dreaming up ways to make easy team miles during the school week (or work week)! If you have any, let us know!

The first one will be starting soon, on February 4 - Marked Mile Mondays! There's a marked mile on Anschutz campus that we can walk, jog, or run during lunch as a team (or part of a team anyway), to give everyone an automatic mile for the day! If you're not on campus, find your own marked mile and walk/jog/run it!

Thanks again for an awesome week! You guys are inspiring and motivating! 

Did you post miles this week? How'd they go? Any specific moments of triumph? Let us hear about it! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome to Log 'N Blog!

I, Mike Pascoe, personally want to welcome everyone to the CU Log 'N Blog Team!

I am very happy to serve as the faculty sponsor for the team, energetically lead by Kat Rainville, SPT.

This fund raiser goes beyond collecting money by encouraging us all to get out there and move!

I am particularly impressed by the level of involvement by the students across the many DPT programs in the US. They are the driving force behind this fund raiser and all great things that emerge from it.

I will be excited to participate in the logging and blogging of miles throughout the year.

I'll leave you with a photo I snapped as I was logging some running miles in San Diego at the Combined Sections Meeting.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Logging has Started, Now Let's Start Blogging!

Just a quick post to put something up. If you're on the team, you should now be able to add your own posts! Let me know if you have any troubles!