Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 3 Wrap Up

Once again, you guys have been rockstars with logging miles this week! Here are some highlights from the past week:

* In the last 7 days, we've logged 320 running miles, 318 biking miles, and 10 swimming miles - WOW!

* Saturday was our best running day with 48 miles logged. Monday was our best biking day, with 82 miles logged. Tuesday and Thursday were our best swimming days with 3 miles each.
* The heavy hitters for the week are:
- For running:
Jeff Mather with 48 miles
Laura Martel with 39 miles
Stephanie Glick with 30 miles
Leah Tabet with 24 miles
Katie Carbiener with 18 miles

- For biking:
Jeff Mather with 50 miles
Nicholas Rainville with 39 miles
Mark Niebur with 38 miles
Stephanie Glick with 36 miles
Katie Carbiener with 34 miles

- For swimming:
Jeff Mather with 4 miles
Veronica Morales with 2 miles
Melissa Nolte with 2 miles
Mark Niebur with 1 mile
Kat Rainville with 1 mile

Nice work!!!! 

We had a total of 29 people (6 more than last week!) log miles this week, which means 15 of you aren't getting credit for your hard work!! Make sure you're logging all the miles you put in! This DOES include elliptical (running), commuter biking, dog walking, cross-country skiing (running), and water jogging (running)!

Note that some miles went missing on Saturday night - please make sure you're keeping an eye on your miles total so you make sure to get credit for them! I'm not sure what happened with those miles, but if you logged after about 9 PM on Saturday PLEASE double check that your miles are still accounted for!

If you've been putting in the miles and finding that you're hitting major personal milestones, I would LOVE for you to post about it on our team blog!

Likewise, if you've been hitting lows or walls, I'd love to see that posted too - we all hit those lows and we all need encouragement to get out of the slump! If you want to contribute, shoot me an email and I'll put you on the list!

Thanks again for an awesome week! You guys are inspiring and motivating!

-Kat Rainville
CU DPT c/o 2015

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