Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 5 Wrap Up

Hello again! 

It's been another motivating and inspiring week watching you guys log those miles! 

We added 6 new members this week, which is definitely our smallest increase yet but still just about a new member a day! Welcome! 

We've now got 69 team members - just 31 shy of our 100 person recruitment goal! If you know anyone who might be interested in joining, feel free to be a rockstar like Lily Morales and recruit them for us! 

On a related note, starting March 1 we're going to have a CU campus competition between programs to see which program can log the most miles - if you think your program is the most active one on campus, prove it! We'll be tracking miles by program affiliation and having monthly check ins to see who's making the most miles! We're working on finding prizes (aside from bragging rights) for the folks and programs who make the most miles! 

(On a similar note, if you have connections to running/biking/sports shops that may want to sponsor the team or provide incentives for getting us moving, PLEASE let me know ASAP!!) 

Yeah yeah, I're only here to see the stats! 

Here's the week by the numbers: 

In the last 7 days we logged 437 running miles, 434 biking miles, and 25 swimming miles

We also plowed right through 3000 miles of total activity!! 


Monday was our best day for running (119) and swimming (7), while Saturday was our best for biking (120): 

Inline image 3

Top cyclists were: 
  • Derick Smith - 66
  • Stephanie Glick - 52
  • Sarah Blair - 42
  • Jeff Mather - 39
  • Liz Barlow - 25
Top runners were:
  • Emily Townsend - 52
  • Laura Martel - 46
  • Stephanie Glick - 39
  • Natalie Takasumi - 31
  • Tina Thornhill - 17
Top swimmers were:
  • Melissa Nolte - 8
  • Liliana Morales - 5
  • Devon Unkeless - 3
  • Mark Niebur, Jeff Mather, and Derick Smith - 2
Nice work!!!! 
In addition to logging major miles, a few people took it above and beyond and IMPROVED on their mileage totals from last week too! 
  • Sarah Blair, who TROUNCED her previous week's totals in running and biking, increased her biking miles by 250% and her running miles by 300%!!!
  • Melissa Nolte increased her swimming miles by 300.00%!!!
  • Kat Rainville increased her biking miles by 126.67% and her running miles by 4.17%
  • Gramom Bond increased her running miles by 150%!!
  • Tyler Luke increased his running miles by 133%!!
  • Kathleen Anderson increased her running miles by 100%!!
  • Laura Martel increased her running miles by 91.67%
  • Dori LeBlanc increased her running miles by 83.33%
  • Derick Smith increased his biking miles by 57.14%
  • Jeff Mather  increased his biking miles by 50.00%
  • Ben Danforth increased his running miles by 50.00%
  • Devon Unkeless increased her swimming miles by 50.00%
  • Derick Smith increased his running miles by 33.33%
  • Tina Thornhill increased her running miles by 30.77%
  • Stephanie Glick increased her running miles by 25.81%
You guys are inspiring and motivating!! I love it!!

We had a total of 39 people (down 6 from last week) log miles this week, which means 30 of you aren't getting credit for your hard work!! Make sure you're logging all the miles you put in! This DOES include elliptical (running), commuter biking, dog walking, cross-country skiing (running), and water jogging (running)! PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you're having login issues, or if you're trying to log miles and they're not showing up - these are issues I need to report to the Foundation ASAP so they can be fixed!! 

Just like last week, PLEASE keep an eye on your miles and make sure they're all accounted for - if you've logged miles and they disappear the next day, THAT'S AN ISSUE and you need to let me know about it!

Also, a friendly reminder that if you've been putting in the miles and finding that you're hitting major personal milestones, I would LOVE for you to post about it on our team blog!

Likewise, if you've been hitting lows or walls, I'd love to see that posted too - we all hit those lows and we all need encouragement to get out of the slump! If you want to contribute, shoot me an email and I'll put you on the list! 

Thanks again for an awesome week! You guys are inspiring and motivating and I'm SO PROUD to be working with you!! 

-Kat Rainville 
CU DPT c/o 2015

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